Nicola Sturgeon from time to time keeps ‘Jaw gnashing ‘ about Scotland becoming Independent.
The government needs to prepare for such a vote in order to avoid the shambles caused by the Brexit referendum.
Before any vote takes place,the government needs to make clear what will happen if the vote is yes but also if the vote is no.

Any Scottish Independent vote needs to entitle all electorate in UK to participate – because it in essence is about the break up of the UK.

If the result of such a ballot is that Scotland does become Independent, then in my view the following should happen. The day
after such a ballot result which declares Scotland is to become Independent –

1) all Scottish MPs at Westiminster become ‘void’ & therefore can no longer lawfully hold their seats.

2) have their own currency

3) have their own armed forces which they fund

4) lose their right to have our Royal family as part of their new ‘Independent country’

5) have & fund their own immigration & customs departments & staff.

6) Obviously there are other areas which Scotland would need to take responsibility.

Independent should mean Independent.

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