To see the current Labour Leadership election being played out in the media -makes me wonder whether Labour will ever be elected to government. Sound bites are easy to spout
In my personal view, utilities should be in public ownership.
This is not left wing or old Labour -it is common sense. These are essential services that we cannot do without.

If there are the skilled people in these industries that can run the companies for private companies & return substantial profits- then these same skilled people canbe there for public companies.
I have no object to profits being made, if the profits are then invested into
a) further development of these utilities
b) other public services such as the NHS; police; armed forces

It seems to me, that the public purse has to pick up the tab for failed companies -such as banks yet utilities were sold & their profits go to shareholders which seems morally wrong because utilities are essential services we cannot do without.

Having personally experienced the worse of the Labour movement – which cost me
1) my then employment
2) future employment
3) My PI claims – which was meant to compensate me for the injuries I received at work. For which I have had to pay for private treatment since that time.
4) work related injury DWP benefits

It makes me wonder who is there to represent the normal ‘man’ in the street.

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My difficulty was who to vote for. I am aware of others who were in the same situation.
So how does one select ? Or do you to a protest vote ?
Despite my views, it is important to ‘vote; even if it means spoiling your paper.

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As many of you will know, Fred & I had a close friendship extending over 25 years. During this time we had been active in the community.
Without Fred’s support I could not have helped the many people that I have. Fred is greatly missed.
I would like to extend my thanks to those that have supported me in this difficult time.

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I am appalled at the behaviour of certain individuals who ‘sabbotaged’ Fred’s funeral arrangements.
They put their own self gratification above what Fred would have wanted.
Fred’s funeral was to be a family affair, with my son & myself attending. After discussion with the family, I would have invited a few people that Fred had a lot of time & they him.
At a later date, I would have arranged a memorial for Fred which would have allowed others to pay their respects to him.
However, due the appalling behaviour of certain people- Fred’s family decided not to attend.
A funeral generally is a private affair not a free for all, where a person bullies their way to attend.
Fred deserved better.

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Sadly I am informing you that Fred has passed away.
He was my ‘wingman’ for many years.
Without his help & support I could not have helped the people that I did.
I knew Fred for over 25 years. We had been through so much together- when in employment, politically, socially, & as friends.
Fred was kind, generous, loyal & supportive.
He was there, supporting & advising when things got tough.
He had strong political opinions & voiced them whether they be p.c or not.
He was born at a time when things were far tougher than they are today & he felt perfectly entitled to voice his views.
Over the years, we had many ‘adventures’ together & through this, we have seen the best in human nature & the very worse.
Fred was a true friend & his passing has left a big hole in my heart.

There were 2 things that Fred wanted erradicated
1) Cancer
2) alzheimers
So if people want to make donations to cancer research and/or an alzheimers charity, in memory of Fred – this will be appreciated.

I have greatly missed Fred since his passing, he was a true friend. I know he has gone in person but not in spirit. So until we meet again Fred -au-revoir !

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There has been talk in the media about changing council structures.
There has been various alternatives put forward.
My personal view is, the proposals would disenfranchaise local communities – the very people councillors are elected to serve.
Again, in my personal view, the proposals have nothing to do with saving money but power & control !!

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I was somewhat concerned to hear on the news, that SODC council offices apparently did not have a sprinkler system.
If this was the case, questions have to be asked – particularly as SODC has health & safety enforcement powers.

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With the General Election pending, the political parties will all be coming out with spin in order to get you to vote for them.
I am aware many people are disillusioned with politics, however whether we like it not, politicians basically rule our lives from craddle to grave !
In my view, people should vote in order to get their voice heard – even if it is to spoil their ballot paper.

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As Didcot town centre expands, it does appear that there seems to be less choice than there used to be.
There used to be many independant stores offering various items which now cannot be purchased in Didcot.
Didcot also used to have 3 thriving affordable markets.
Although I personally welcome new stores such as B & M also Aldi – other types of shops need to be encouraged not just more eateries.
I personally think Primark would do well.
However, I think proper affordable car parking needs to be addressed.
Even though the above relate to retail issues.
Less choice even relates to leisure.
Didcot used to have a paddling pool – now we do not even have that nor do we have the equivalent.
Yet surrounding towns such as Abingdon & Wallingford etc have splashpads.
It would be interesting to know how much these activities boost the local economy. From my observations, overall -I would suggest quite a lot. Although this clearly is seasonal.

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Since my last posting regarding the traffic problems in Didcot, a leading Labour Councillor has now spoken out for the need for improvements to the Jubilee Way roundabout in order to ease congestion.
This is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Whilst I welcome the new Aldi store, it’s location is ludicrous. I am surprised that strong traffic concerns were not raised by the Highway’s dept or TVP traffic section.

Didcot is being swamped by traffic. In my personal view, key roads should have been properly in place before a mass of houses were built, not only in Didcot but in surrounding areas.
Much traffic has to come into Didcot before it can go back out ! Had the road structure been properly planned – much of the needless traffic could have missed Didcot & thus reduce the congestion.

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