I am aware one of the issues Neville raised with me was about local council not being political !
This is hogwash ! Town council is one of the lowest forms of local government & therefore it is political !
If it was not political you would not have different political parties standing in the election.
Furthermore local political parties will try & implement their national party’s objectives and policies.

In my view the so called ‘Independents’ standing in the local elections here – are very much a ‘political’ entity because they have formed a group. This means that they are not Independent !

When the late Fred John’s and I stood as Independent candidates – we had been active in the community and workplace for many years.
We campaigned on various issues. People knew what we stood for.
In the run up to the election date, we had leaflets delivered to households -outlining what we stood for.

As I have said in my earlier posts, the ‘Independent political flag’ has been hijacked by political careerists !

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