The electorate in Northbourne Ward Didcot, may recall that myself & a close friend, the late Fred Johns, stood as Independent candidates in the 2007 local elections.
We had been active in the community for many years both politically, industrially & ‘community’ wise .
Standing in the election was a natural extension of our activity.
We were not only friends but a close team, helping people on many issues.

On several occasions when we were being active in the 2007 election – Fred was approached by a then Labourite, Neville Harris ( now Independent).
Neville did not want us to stand as Independent candidates because it would take votes off Labour.
Neville would wait until I was away from Fred -before making his approaches on Fred – trying to get him to stand down!!

Fairly recently Neville approached me to stand as an Independent candidate in the May 2019 elections !

He informed me that there were 4 Independent candidates standing in Northbourne ward in -the pending elections. I asked if they lived in the ward – the only response was they lived in Didcot

If I wanted to stand as an Independent candidate -I would . I do not need Neville’s permission to do so !
Nor would he control where I stood !

As, I said in my blog regarding MP’s crossing the floor to become the ‘Independent group’, the political term Independent has been hijacked by career politicians.

As an Independent candidate-you are just that -independent, you don’t have colleagues and you are not a group. After being elected you could obviously link up with like minded people where you have a common ideals but the point of being an Independent candidate is just that- you are independent !

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