To see the current Labour Leadership election being played out in the media -makes me wonder whether Labour will ever be elected to government. Sound bites are easy to spout
In my personal view, utilities should be in public ownership.
This is not left wing or old Labour -it is common sense. These are essential services that we cannot do without.

If there are the skilled people in these industries that can run the companies for private companies & return substantial profits- then these same skilled people canbe there for public companies.
I have no object to profits being made, if the profits are then invested into
a) further development of these utilities
b) other public services such as the NHS; police; armed forces

It seems to me, that the public purse has to pick up the tab for failed companies -such as banks yet utilities were sold & their profits go to shareholders which seems morally wrong because utilities are essential services we cannot do without.

Having personally experienced the worse of the Labour movement – which cost me
1) my then employment
2) future employment
3) My PI claims – which was meant to compensate me for the injuries I received at work. For which I have had to pay for private treatment since that time.
4) work related injury DWP benefits

It makes me wonder who is there to represent the normal ‘man’ in the street.

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