The Labour leadership election, has become a farce and in my view should be suspended until a proper & fair process is set in place. The shambles being played out in the press, surely does not inspire people to vote for Labour to govern our country.
The farce surrounding the ‘new’ £3 membership which apparently allows these people to take part in the current leadership election.
In the media there have been people excluded. In lay terms there are 2 reasons given for the exclusions these being
1) the person(s) have acted against the ethos of the Labour party previously.
2) the purpose is to infiltrate the Labour party & sabbotage it !

Let me take these 2 issues.

1) Robert Jackson the former Wantage Constituencey MP had been a longstanding Tory MP. Yet crossed the floor & became a Labour MP without an election having taken place !

2) In reference to acting against the ethos of the Labour Party – I refer to the SODC housing stock transfer.
National Labour were committed to council housing.
Due to the unpopularity of the Tory Government in 1996 – it was a dead cert that Labour was going to form the
next government.
Sadly the local Labour party were acting against National Labour Party policy.

At the time there was uncertainty as to when the General election would be called. But it was made known at
that time, if the General election was called – then the transfer process would not go ahead.

It should be noted that towards the end of a political term in office, there should not be a radical change of policy.

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