The political Independent ‘flag’ has been hijacked by politicians.
The MP’s who resigned their political parties to form the ‘Independent Group’ are evidence of this & have shown their contempt for the electorate.
People vote for a candidate for various reasons which include :-
1) They support a specific political party.
2) They support a specific candidate.
3) A protest vote.
4) support of a specific campaign.

Those MP’s who resigned the political parties from which they were elected under, to form the Independent Group , in my view are holding their positions unlawfully. Whilst it is their right to resign their political parties – they do not have the right to keep their MP employment. There needed to have been a by election & there still does.
I raised the issue of MP’s crossing the floor when Robert Jackson crossed the floor from Tory to Labour some years ago.
This practice not only needs to stop but needs to be made unlawful.
However, I suggest MP’s won’t see this happen because it keeps their options open !

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