Sadly I am informing you that Fred has passed away.
He was my ‘wingman’ for many years.
Without his help & support I could not have helped the people that I did.
I knew Fred for over 25 years. We had been through so much together- when in employment, politically, socially, & as friends.
Fred was kind, generous, loyal & supportive.
He was there, supporting & advising when things got tough.
He had strong political opinions & voiced them whether they be p.c or not.
He was born at a time when things were far tougher than they are today & he felt perfectly entitled to voice his views.
Over the years, we had many ‘adventures’ together & through this, we have seen the best in human nature & the very worse.
Fred was a true friend & his passing has left a big hole in my heart.

There were 2 things that Fred wanted erradicated
1) Cancer
2) alzheimers
So if people want to make donations to cancer research and/or an alzheimers charity, in memory of Fred – this will be appreciated.

I have greatly missed Fred since his passing, he was a true friend. I know he has gone in person but not in spirit. So until we meet again Fred -au-revoir !

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