In my personal opinion, councillor Margaret Turner’s change of situation warrants the need for a by election.
It appears she is also Chairperson of SODC & she does not want anything to get in the way of that.
This sentiment shows self interest, rather than what is in the best interest of SODC & Didcot residents.

According to the local media- Margaret has made a big issue of the fact that residents elected her.
This point technically is not true because people vote for a wide range of reasons which include
1) protest against a national political party / national issue(s)
2) Voting for a specific political party – regardless of who the candidate is
3) Voting against specific political parties
4) voting for a specific candidate.

I did submit a letter to the local press, however, a key part of my letter was not printed !

In my view, in the name of democracy- a by- election should be held.
The behaviour of Margaret on this issue, gives evidence as to
1) why people do not bother to vote at election time
2) many believe that councillors are there for self interest.

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